Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cape Cod- Day One

Day One of our spur of the moment trip to Cape Cod has been quite the success, it seems. Well not for my parents who are STILL driving through Rhode Island trying to get here.

It's just after 9pm on Sunday and everyone feels that they've been up for two days already. Not me of course; sleep is for the weak minded. The four am wake-up call from the tv alarm brought me the start of Saturday's Nascar Nationwide race on its third replay on ESPN. What else do rednecks have to do at 4 in the morning, just before they feed the dogs living under their porches?

We got a great start, on the Parkway by 5am and we made it to the Cape by 10:53. The kids were excellent in the car, thank Christ. They slept, watched a couple episodes of Star Trek Voyager (GEEKS) and we only made two pit stops, plus a pee break on the side of the road for Alex. (He wanted to use the empty chinese soup container we brought for such an emergency, but I advised against it. NO PISSING IN VLAD THE IMPALA!

So after arriving in Falmouth and checking in to the Red Horse Inn (hotel 1) we went to a place called "The Flying Bridge" for lunch. We ended up spending way too much for lunch, thanks to three orders of Fish and Chips. Lunch was nearly $90 and now I'm going to eat Ritz crackers the rest of the week.

After lunch we drove to Hyannis and took an hour long scenic cruise around Hyannis Harbor and Nantucket Sound. Got a fairly good look at the Kennedy compound from the harbor and also Senator Ted Kennedy's sailboat anchored along with a bunch of others. The houses on the harbor were just gorgeous. What the fuck do these people do for a living? I bet $90 fish and chips wouldn't stress them out. I got some good pictures, which I'll post when I get back home. After the boat we hit a pizza place for dinner (where I ordered only a side salad to repent for my earlier culinary sins).

Tomorrow we're whaling.....I mean whale watching!!