Monday, May 5, 2008


Alex made his First Holy Communion yesterday; he finally gets to take the "chip" with the rest of us every Sunday...or however frequently we get to church. Funny thing about me and religion or spirituality or whatever you want to call it; I go through phases where I want to be very religious and then others where I don't think about it much at all. I guess it has been directly linked to key moments in life, surrounding births and deaths.

I love all the history and ceremony and beauty of the rituals (why I could never be anything other than Catholic), yet I just don't do well with blind faith. Faith leads to an awful lot of questions that I just don't get answers to....only more instruction to keep having faith. I think I'm growing weary of faith and now I'd like some actual proof. Why can't the Blessed Mother appear to me in the woods outside my office window? How about the Stigmata? I'll take that as proof! Wait, that would probably hurt like hell, never mind that.

How about just a ghost!!! If I saw a real ghost, then I'd have the proof I need that humans do indeed have an eternal spirit. If we have a spirit, then there's a good chance there is something more after we die. That would go a long way toward answering some questions. At least I'd be more certain that it wasn't just "lights out" when the heart stops.

But if it is "lights out", I guess it won't mean much to me now, will it?

Well anyway, Alex's Communion was a lovely little service and the boy looked great in his suit. Definitely the best looking boy out of the bunch.

The party after was great after, spending time with family and friends. The biggest highlight of the whole day was the surprise turnout from Rocky, Lisa and the kids...all the way from California. It's a sad thing that brought them back home, the illness of his dad, but I hope the few hours they spent with us brought a bit of cheer to their week. Love and miss you guys so much.

Friday, May 2, 2008