Saturday, April 26, 2008


Please wipe your feet...

Having spent so much time online reading other people's thoughts and thinking, I wish I'd said that, I've decided to start my own little soapbox here and speak my mind about whatever is on my mind. I'll likely come to find that there's not much on it at all. In a few week's time if I come back here and find no new posts, it'll be as Bowie once wrote, "for all my years of reading conversation, I stand without a word to say."

But for now, I'm being optimistic. Thoughts By Lamplight is a place to share. Named so because I imagine many of my words might come late at night. I like the image of a single lit room in an old brownstone on a rain-soaked city street....preferably London, England. Unfortunately, reality isn't so interesting. It's a modern house on a southern New Jersey street where damn near NOBODY speaks English. At least the single lit room is still in the scenario.

Now we'll see if anything comes to mind...

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